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Misty Black

You Taught Me Love

You Taught Me Love

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Join mother, daughter and a silly little frog on a heartwarming journey describing love through the eyes of a child.  ❤️️

“I love you, Sweet Pea,” Mama said to her child.

“And I love you too!” The girl winked as she smiled.

“How much?” teased her mom, sensing what was in store.

A new game began about who loved who more…

There’s nothing quite like the love a mother and child share. ❤️️

This bedtime story for kids ages 3-7 can be enjoyed over and over again. A perfect gift for new parents, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day or a birthday. 

What words might a child use to describe the love she feels? Can this child’s love possibly compare to the love of her mother? 

Find out in this sweet story that may have you reaching for the tissues. 

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