One of the biggest challenges families face today is staying connected.

Grandparents are active and living their best retired lives. Their children and grandchildren are busy with work, school, activities and travel. And many families don't live close by anymore, making it even more challenging to keep in touch.

That's why we created Make Momentos. Our easy-to-use platform is designed for busy families looking to bridge distance and active lives with a special time of connection.

Adults can record their own audio narrations of children's e-books and send them to the special children in their lives. There is no shipping involved and there are no video chats to schedule on calendars that are already full.

Children can enjoy the customized stories anytime and anyplace. The best part is, the personalized recordings become keepsake e-books that can be passed on to future generations.

How Make Momentos Can Help

We connect grandparents with their grandchildren through the joy of a shared story - across the miles or across town.

We enable parents who are deployed or who travel to read bedtime stories from around the globe.

We help families and friends create special moments with the children in their lives - and for future generations.

About Me

I have always loved reading books. I eventually started ghostwriting books. Part of my process involves recording conversations with the storytellers. As I worked with people who wanted to write an autobiography or memoir, the thought of preserving one’s story for family and friends resonated with me.

I have pictures of my Nana and sweaters she knit for me when I was a young girl. I cherish these gifts. But what if I had a recording of her voice that I could listen to whenever she crosses my mind after all these years?

I wanted to make a way for children to listen to their grandparent – or aunt, or uncle, or godmother – tell them a story as they read along, no matter where they live or what time of day it is.

I wanted to make it so that years from now, they can still listen to the sound of their loved one’s voice. And when that adult child has a family of their own, they can pass that gift on to their own children. That is my hope for Make Momentos.

Michelle C. Booth