About Us

Stay Close with the Sound of Your Voice

In our digital age, one of the biggest challenges families face is simply staying close.

Grandparents are active and living their best-retired lives. Their children and grandchildren are busy with work, school, activities, and travel. And many families don’t live close by anymore, making it even more challenging to feel close to one another.

Plus, the pace of life today is such that – whoosh! – each precious moment is gone before we know it. And, sometimes, we wish we could hold on to that moment and feel that closeness a little while longer . . .

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, then Make Momentos is for you!

Make Momentos is designed for busy families looking to connect – across time and distance, across generations and busy schedules, even across lifespans.

Adults and early readers can record their own children’s e-books and e-cards and send them to loved ones in just a few minutes.

There’s no shipping involved and no video chats to schedule on calendars that are already full – and that’s because our mission is to make it easy for people to create joyful moments of lasting, human connection.

Each recordable e-book and e-card is a personal affirmation of your love and care, one that can be enjoyed any place, any time, and for many years to come.

A Message from Our Founder

As a storyteller and entrepreneur, I see the pace and potential in today’s digital world. It’s fast, fun and exciting, for sure. But it’s also fleeting. And, while we’re all rushing about trying to keep up, we miss out on precious opportunities to connect with the people who matter most. 

If we don’t pause for a moment to share how we’re feeling or say what’s on our minds, we risk losing that moment forever. 

And no one loves a lost opportunity, right? 

That’s why I founded Make Momentos.

Here, you’ll find an easy and ingenious way to connect in the moment, using the power of your own voice to let your loved ones always feel close, whenever, wherever.

Your Voice Matters

We connect grandparents with their grandchildren through the gift of their voice – across the miles or across town.

We enable service members to read stories to their children and be present in both voice and spirit from around the globe.

We help families and friends celebrate milestone moments with the children in their lives, creating a special connection through the sound of their voice.

Our Vision

A lasting legacy of simple human connection

Our vision is of a world where the sound of your voice is a legacy of your love and care. Where longing and distance is replaced with moments of simple human connection that bring comfort and closeness.

There’s no replacement for a real hug or a story read in a real lap, but our ideal world is rarely our real one. Make Momentos builds a bridge between our real and ideal lives, because out of sight doesn’t need to mean out of mind – or heart. 

Our Values

Keeping It Human

We value using the power of the human voice to create closeness and connection, regardless of distance. Speaking from the heart, sharing thoughts and feelings with loved ones and celebrating our unique voices and personalities. We’re also passionate about making our tech user-friendly, easy and accessible for the humans who use it.

Beyond the Moment

We value pausing our busy digital lives from time to time, so we can embrace and preserve those fleeting moments of simple human connection. Having no regrets for the things we wished we’d said or shared before the moment passed. Leaving a lasting legacy of our love and care that can be enjoyed again and again, for years to come.

Peace of Mind and Heart

We value knowing that our loved ones can always feel close to us. Having control over our message – both what we say and how we say it. Being reassured that our gesture is not only totally unique, but also safe, appropriate and genuinely meaningful. And knowing that our work is working well, as well as being worthwhile.

These values represent what’s important to us – we hope you value them, too.