Last-Minute Gifts for Little Readers: Ultimate Recordable E-Book Gift Guide

Last-Minute Gifts for Little Readers: Ultimate Recordable E-Book Gift Guide

If you’re still looking for a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift, keep reading for our carefully curated list of recordable e-books for little readers.

It only takes a few minutes to narrate, but you’re making a special connection that is truly unique. And what could be better than hearing a story read by a loved one, anytime they want?

Best-Sellers: Timeless Treasures

Share a Little Kindness is a wish for every child, delivering life lessons on kindness, diversity, and empowerment. Grandma Is a Slowpoke joyously encourages being present with nature’s creatures. What Is a Family celebrates diversity, introducing animal families from A to Z. If There Never Was a You reassures children of their irreplaceable place in their parents’ hearts, filled with messages of love and belonging.

Holiday-Themed: Festive Wonders

The Gift of the Animals beautifully narrates the humble creatures’ offerings to baby Jesus. The Holly-Day After invites you to join Santa’s family traditions in the North Pole. Dachshund Through the Snow follows Crosby, a tiny dachshund with a mighty heart, on a charming Christmas adventure. A Winter Walk in the City is a delightful exploration of winter celebrations, embracing the diversity of holidays in the city.

These enchanting tales will add warmth and wonder to your holiday.

Bedtime Adventures: Dreamy Escapes

Imagine That! uses whimsey and vibrant illustrations to encourage little ones to use their imagination in positive ways. Kids will find courage and reassurance at bedtime with Brave. Are you part of a long-distance family? Discover a special way to stay connected with Nonni’s Moon. Finally, create lasting family memories with moments of snuggles, prayers and bedtime kisses in Bedtime with Mommy.

Friendship and Kindness: Meaningful Connections

I Dig Being Kind introduces life lessons through animated trucks, emphasizing the joy of kindness and manners. Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of Hugga Loula, a tale celebrating the power of hugs and acts of kindness. Finding Bunny is a heartwarming story about Elle and her search for her lost best friend Bunny. Quacks Like a Duck showcases the importance of acceptance as Petunia the platypus navigates a costume party and faces questions about her identity.

Dad’s Storytime Treasures: Bonding Moments

This collection is a celebration of the special bond between fathers and children.

Why, Daddy? Why? highlights sweet moments of a papa bear and cub’s love. Made for Me beautifully illustrates the journey from a child’s first “Dada” to those unforgettable first steps, perfect for new dads. Daddy, I Want to Know God is a rhyming exploration of spiritual questions fostering a strong godly faith. Gardens Are for Growing tenderly depicts the evolving love between a father and daughter.

Tales from the Wild Side: Nature’s Marvels

Kids will have fun learning about gratitude as they embark on wild adventures with Thankful Animals, Thankful Me. Amazing Animals Who Changed the World introduces kids to some inspiring creatures and reminds us that you don’t have to be big (or human) to make a difference. Fourteen Animals That Are Definitely Not an Octopus is a playful romp through the animal kingdom. Follow Luis the alley cat on his adventures as he tries anything to be with beautiful indoor cat Tabitha in Luis and Tabitha.

These delightful stories blend education, fun and enchanting experiences.

Mom’s Cozy Corner: Heartwarming Books

Mom’s Cozy Corner features tales that celebrate the profound connection between mothers and children.

From cosmic adventures in To the Moon and Back to the spiritual curiosity in Mama, I Want to See God, each story encapsulates the unique facets of maternal love. You Taught Me Love playfully explores the language of affection, while Mommy’s Love delivers a tender poem affirming a mother’s unwavering devotion.


Take a break from shopping hassles and gift-wrapping stress. Have fun personalizing an e-book for a loved one instead! Narrate a book for your little one or record one together with your early reader. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Download our Printable Holiday Gift Guide for quick access to our curated list. Or share it with someone you’d like to have narrate a book for your little one this holiday season! 


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