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Colleen Brunetti

Share a Little Kindness

Share a Little Kindness

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If you could teach your child to be anything in this world, what would it be?

Brave? Bold? Kind? Compassionate? Full of imagination? This book sets the stage, and begins...

Share a little kindness, Love. Be the good that others see.
Look inside and you will find everything that you can be. 

This book is a wish. A wish for every child. A wish for the world. 

Using gentle poetry and charming illustrations, snuggle up and bring your child through these choices with soft guidance, and sweet words to live by. 

Children will delight in the whimsical and colorful animal pictures. Parents will appreciate the solid life lessons woven throughout. With themes such as tolerance, diversity, active listening, and owning your own truth woven in, this is truly a book of life lessons and empowerment for children of all ages... and adults too! 

Special features include illustrated animals from each continent, and a final page of diverse and multi-cultural children. Perfect for classrooms, teachers, curriculum development around building character. 

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