5 Ways Kids Can Send Their Love Across the Miles this Valentine's Day

5 Ways Kids Can Send Their Love Across the Miles this Valentine's Day

Living far away from those we love is challenging for the entire family, but especially for little ones. Whether they are missing a grandparent who lives across the country, a parent who is deployed or an aunt or uncle who lives an ocean away - help them send their love across the miles this Valentine’s Day with these quick and easy ideas. Kids will love having the opportunity to gift a loved one with a valentine surprise with just a little help from another grownup in their life!

1. Get crafty

Kids love arts & crafts! Let them get creative and make handmade cards, jewelry out of beads and string or a decorated picture frame of themselves and their loved one. For an extra special handmade gift, help them collect the supplies needed for a Hug Necklace by following these easy step by step instructions to send a hug no matter how near or far their loved one is. Kids will have so much fun being a part of the entire process, so let them package up their craft, address the envelope, buy a stamp at the post office and mail their one-of-a-kind creation. 

2. Have a virtual reading date

There are so many great books about love that are perfect to capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Set a “date” for a video call and have the child and the grownup each select a book about love to read to each other. Grandma's Are For Love by Misty Black is a great book for grandparents and grandkids to reminisce together about all the ways they can make memories together. If There Never Was a You by Amanda Rowe reminds kids how special they truly are. Want to capture the sound of a loved one’s voice reading and have it as a keepsake to enjoy forever? The child and their loved one can each pick out a Make Momentos recordable e-book to narrate and send to each other!

3. Share a treat “together”

What would Valentine’s Day be without a sweet treat? If you can’t share a meal in person, use a meal delivery service like Uber Eats or Door Dash to surprise each other with something yummy and hop on a video call to enjoy it together. Do you love baking or cooking? Pick a favorite recipe and make it together over a video call. Just make sure and gather all of the supplies in advance to keep your food preparations on track with each other! Try this adorable heart shaped rice krispie treat recipe for a festive and tasty snack sure to be loved by kids and adults alike. 

4. Game night

Think Game Night is only for times you get to see each other in person? Think again! Games are the perfect way to keep video chats engaging. Look online for printable versions of Valentine Bingo and Mad Libs to make it festive. Or put together a valentine-themed scavenger hunt where kids and their virtual loved one can be timed as they search their individual homes for things that are red, pink, and heart-shaped and then share them!

5. Send an e-card

Not enough time to send a physical card to your loved one? E-cards can be a great solution to let them know just how much you care. Help your little one take their e-card to the next level by letting them select a Make Momentos recordable e-card and capture their precious voice reading for a priceless keepsake gift. 

No matter how your little one and their long-distance loved one celebrate Valentines Day this year, the important thing is setting time aside to keep connections strong even when distance makes it challenging. 

We’re in this together! Share your ideas for celebrating Valentines Day with your long-distance family members and friends.

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