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Kelsey Brown

Come On, Calm!

Come On, Calm!

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From author Kelsey Brown and illustrator Joseph Wrightson, Come On, Calm! is the story guide to finding the calm in everyday adventures. This new children's book, illustrated as a whimsical treasure hunt, gives step by step ideas for self-soothing when its readers find themselves nervous, excited, or just in a MOOD.

Disguised as any other picture book, Come On, Calm! is just the book parents, teachers, and caregivers need to help their little ones build healthy habits and a shared vocabulary for when they need a break. Little readers of all abilities will relate to the diverse and inclusive characters with an understanding that everyone needs to take a breath sometimes - even pirates and explorers.

"In a world that does not stop spinning, Come On, Calm! teaches children to slow their world and be the best version of themselves they can be." - Shelley, Child Life Specialist

Tags: sensory regulation, social emotional learning

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