The Benefits of Baking with Kids

The Benefits of Baking with Kids

Summer break is here and what better activity for you and your kids than stepping into the kitchen and baking up a sweet treat. But why would you bring additional hands into the kitchen? Especially ones that are bound to probably make a mess and slow down the process. While yes, both of those outcomes are likely to happen, the best outcome, outside of a delicious dessert, is the value baking brings to you and your kiddos. 

Quality Time

Our ongoing schedules, activities and work can make it hard to find true quality time with your little ones. Taking a step into the kitchen together allows you all to focus on one goal and work together. It’s an opportunity to put on music, take photos together, get messy, share special family recipes and be present together. 

Cognitive Development 

Baking is a science and allowing your kids to help with a recipe enhances a variety of cognitive developmental skills. From the first step to the last in the recipe they will be building an understanding of sequence, along with following directions. Each time they assist with measuring out a specific ingredient or counting the number of eggs you need, they are enhancing their mathematical and scientific abilities. Plus, when the time comes to decorate, your little one has the opportunity to be creative and let their imagination take over.


Yep, you are reading that right and probably wondering how nutrition has anything to do with baking. Well believe me, there is a lot. Bringing a recipe together gives you full exposure to the ingredients you plan to later consume. It’s this type of awareness and knowledge of what we are putting into our bodies that not only will help you make healthy choices, but your kids as well. Trust me, this is not a PSA to skip out on a delicious chocolate cake or your grandma's sugar cookie recipe. It’s all about balance and awareness. 

Tips: Consider adding fresh fruit into the recipe or as a decoration. Explore alternatives to processed sugar, such as honey, or pre-cut the serving sizes for your family a bit smaller than you normally would. 

Baking can be an act of love. It’s one way we share our appreciation for each other and it’s often a staple of our heritage and our culture. Allowing your kids to be a part of this process can bring you closer together, develop new skills and in the end enjoy a sweet treat together as a family. 

About The Author

Chloe Place is a first-time author, publishing Let’s Bake a Cake in 2022. Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she is a lover of nature, coffee, good conversation and wine - which we can credit for the creative spark that led to her book. 

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