Tips for Planning the Mother’s Day Moms REALLY Want to Have

Tips for Planning the Mother’s Day Moms REALLY Want to Have

What do moms REALLY want to do for Mother’s Day?

We polled moms with kids of different ages to help families plan an extra-special Mother’s Day for the moms in their lives. And while specific details of what moms were hoping for varied, some common themes emerged.

To make moms happy, it’s less about how you spend the actual day and more about lightening her load and giving her a well-deserved break from the day-to-day stresses of motherhood.

1. Don’t leave mom to plan her own day.

From having to figure out what to make for dinner every night and what extracurriculars to enroll kids in, to deciding on child-care providers – decision fatigue is a real problem moms face in their daily lives. Don’t let deciding how to spend Mother’s Day be one more thing she has to figure out.

Mom of four, Amy, told us “I think I would do pretty much anything if I wasn’t responsible for getting ready to do it or the planning.”

It’s fine to ask mom for input, but at least pull together some well thought out options for her to pick from and then take over all the planning from there. 

If you’re stuck on coming up with ideas to run past her, here are a few from the moms we talked to:

  • A spa day
  • Going out to eat at their favorite restaurant
  • Relaxing at the beach or pool

Some moms told us they’d prefer alone time, while others were looking to spend time as family that day. One was even excited about a family photo shoot with a professional photographer for Mother’s Day!

2. Let someone else be in charge of logistics.

Whether it’s packing up a diaper bag and remembering to bring sunscreen or getting teens up and moving for a family activity, moms want a break from being the person in charge of logistics.

Mom of tweens, Kristen, said, “I’d like to go somewhere relaxing like the beach or a park and enjoy a picnic lunch and some quality time with my husband and kids. But I don’t want to prepare the food or pack up all the things we’d need to get there. I’d want someone else to make lunch and pack the car so I could just hop in and go!”

Alyssa, a mom of two little ones, told us “I’d like to spend the day just relaxing by the pool or the beach! No chores – no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, just relaxing and playing with my babies. That’s the dream.”

Let dad or an older child be in charge of remembering the diapers, snacks, towels and whatever else is needed.

And dont forget to unpack everything when you get home! If you have a family beach day, make sure someone besides mom washes the sandy towels and puts them away so she isn’t stuck taking care of it after the fun is done.

3. Take something off her plate.

Many of the moms we talked to mentioned having someone clean the house, do the laundry, wash and detail their car, or organize a fridge or pantry as something they wanted for Mother’s Day.

These may not seem like the most exciting gifts, but taking something off mom’s plate helps her relax and enjoy the day, knowing that one task (or several!) has been accomplished for her.

Busy mom of three, Jamie, told us “I don’t necessarily need to do anything, I just don’t want to have to feed people or do any housework. I also don’t want that housework to pile up for the next day. Meaning, if I don’t have to do dishes, someone needs to so that I don’t have to do them the next day. Oh, and make the kids make nice cards like I usually have to make them do for everyone else.”

4. Let her know she was thought of well in advance.

Put some thought into what mom likes.

In talking with our group of moms, knowing that their family didn’t wait until the last minute to make or buy cards or go shopping means the world. It’s less about the actual gift or activity, and much more about being thought of and appreciated.

Mom of two girls, Danielle, said, “I like it when the kids make something or give something that lasts. I still have a rose bush on the patio that they got for me years ago. I also like it when they take me out to my favorite restaurant or make one of my favorite meals.”

One lucky mom, Nicole, told us her family already has Mother’s Day planning mastered. “I actually already get to do what I want! I get to sleep in while hubby and our son cook us all breakfast. Then we eat, they clean up, and repeat for lunch and dinner. They do the shopping, planning, prep, cook and clean up for the day. We also usually do something fun together as a family. Maybe the beach, park or inflatable slide in the backyard. It’s a chill day for me with zero chores and zero mess to clean up. I love it. I wish every day was Mother’s Day.”

We hope that all moms out there get to experience a Mother’s Day as satisfying as Nicole’s!

Moms, let us know in the comments what you’re hoping your family has planned for you this Mother’s Day.

We hope that all moms feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day and every day!


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