Welcome to Make Momentos

Welcome to Make Momentos

Welcome to Make Momentos! We have been working for the past year to bring our idea to life and we are excited to share it with you.

I am often asked where the idea for Make Momentos came from. The short answer is that it grew as an extension of my work as a ghostwriter helping people tell their stories for family and friends.

But the seeds for Make Momentos were planted long before that. They took root when my husband and I would visit his grandparents for a few hours on Sunday afternoons.

After catching up on what had happened in our lives that week, my husband would ask his grandfather to retell a story from when his grandfather was young . . . growing up in a sod house, the first time he met Grandma Booth at a house dance and the time he watched the zookeeper coax a monkey down from the radio tower at the airport with a banana – one of my favorite stories.

My husband recorded these conversations with his grandfather. He wanted to preserve the stories in Grandpa Booth’s own voice so the family could listen to them again from time to time.

But the seeds for Make Momentos were planted even before that.

I have an unexplained love of children’s books. I have never written one. I certainly don’t have the artistic talent to illustrate one. But I absolutely love reading them to children. Partly because I love when kids love books. Their eyes light up and ideas spark in their minds. It is a magical time of imagination and connection, and it is beautiful to witness.

Children’s books help adults, including me, look at the world with fresh eyes of wonder. And don’t we all need reminders from time to time about the basics in life? Be kind. Believe in yourself. Enjoy life. Make a new friend. Help someone. Go on an adventure.

Have you ever received a voicemail from someone that you wanted to keep forever? It could have been uplifting words of encouragement or just an ordinary message, but you kept it so you could hear their voice whenever you wanted.

Make Momentos stories work the same way. Your recordings become permanent keepsakes for your loved ones – now and for future generations.

Technology will never take the place of spending time with a loved one in person. That’s when we can hold someone’s hand, exchange a hug or sit shoulder to shoulder and just be together. But technology is helpful in many other ways.

At Make Momentos, we strive to use technology in a positive way – to enable adults to create special moments with the children in their lives through books.

Whether you live in the same town or across the globe, we want you to be able to use Make Momentos to read a bedtime story to the children in your life every single night. Or go on an adventure with them every single day. You can help build their confidence with stories that have empowering messages. And you can bring these stories to life by personalizing them with the sound of your own voice.

Our vision is to connect families through the power of storytelling. Welcome to the Make Momentos family. We’re glad you’re here.

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