Favorite Fall Traditions

Favorite Fall Traditions

The autumn season is officially upon us. A magical time of crisp air, golden leaves and a certain cozy charm that can be felt in most parts of the U.S. For those of us in South Florida, where palm trees and sunshine prevail year-round, fall takes on a unique character all its own. And let’s not forget our friends from Down Under (I’m looking at you Adam Wallace and Steph Campisi), where it’s springtime these days. Even though the traditional imagery of autumn looks a bit different in these regions, the spirit of the season remains the same. It’s a time when we all make room in our busy lives for our cherished fall traditions.

I’m excited to share how some Make Momentos authors and friends from all corners of the world celebrate this special time of year. So whether you’re sitting by a fire, basking in the sunshine or reveling in the springtime in Australia, find a comfortable spot and enjoy these heartwarming traditions.

Kathleen Davis, author of Brave and Feathers from Above
By far my favorite fall activity is decorating the house with the kids. I love that it feels like the first festive event of the year. 
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Steve Metzger, author of Thankful Animals, Thankful Me
My favorite fall activity is playing bocce in Central Park. After a full season of softball with friends and family, we’re not quite ready to say “goodbye for the summer.” So, it’s off to a small meadow just east of the Diana Ross Playground in New York City’s Central Park. We form two-person teams and non-competitively play every Saturday morning in October and November. The culminating event is a “Friday-After-Thanksgiving Tournament” where silly prizes are awarded to the winners. “The Big Chill” sets in until April, and then it’s time to “Play Ball!” all over again.
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Julia Inserro, author of Nonni’s Moon, A Unicorn Ate My Homework and My Camel Wants to Be a Unicorn
Fall is my favorite favorite time of year! I love the crisp smell in the air. I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet. I love warm cozy sweaters and steamy mugs of pumpkin spice tea. Living in the Middle East, we often didn’t get a proper cold-weather-leaves-changing kind of fall, so any chance I could get my kids jumping in leaf piles and drinking hot chocolate, I grabbed it.
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Adam Wallace, author of 24 Absolutely, Totally True Facts About Penguins and Invisible Jerry
My favourite fall activity HAS to be anything to do with the leaves! Looking at the awesome colours, making piles and kicking them down, leaf angels, anything! The look and smell and sound of the fall leaves is the best!
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Michelle Medlock Adams, author of Dachshund through the Snow
My favorite fall tradition is getting out the fall decor and splashing colors of the season throughout my entire house . . . both inside and outside. I love the faux pumpkins and “It’s Fall y’all” signs, as well as the autumn wreaths I put on every door. This year, I was so excited to decorate for fall that I started on August 31! It was 92 degrees outside, lol, but I knew fall was just around the corner and I wanted to get a jump on the season so I could enjoy the decorations for a full two months before trading them out for our Christmas decor. I’m anxiously awaiting the trees lining our property to change to gorgeous shades of yellow, orange and red. I just love fall, and it’s so beautiful here in Southern Indiana during September and October. Yay! It’s Fall, Y’all!
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Nancy I. Sanders, author of Bedtime with Mommy
Here in Southern California, my favorite fall activities include planting cool season veggies with our grandchildren. We sprinkle carrot seeds in pots filled with loose potting soil where they’re sure to grow straight and tall. We dig little holes for planting sugar snap peas to climb up bamboo trellises. After a hot summer, we’re ready for the cooler weather of fall!
Shelby Myers, host of the Mom Life Military Wife Podcast
Our family loves visiting our local orchards at their Fall Festival. Fifers Orchards offers family fun for all ages. Our tradition since moving to Delaware is spending the full day at Fifers. We start with the play area chucking apples, zip lining, playing games and getting lost in the corn maze. We have a farm lunch together and then head to the pumpkin patch and take home a souvenir! At home we have started to love digging out the guts and carving our family pumpkin. The kids also finger paint the mini pumpkins we get! Perfect fall weekend!
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Heather Schlanger, social media intern at Make Momentos
I’d like to share some wonderful fall traditions that have been a part of my family for years and are perfect for kids, no matter the age. Growing up we’d turn pumpkin carving into a friendly competition right at home, a creative and memorable experience with family and friends. Another highlight is our visit to a local pumpkin patch, like Bedner’s Farm located here in Florida. Everyone can handpick their pumpkins and enjoy corn mazes and hayrides. Lastly, partaking in bonfires was always a sweet treat to end the night!
Kristen Veldhuis, social media manager and admin at Make Momentos
Baking with my kids! Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple - these are some of our favorite fall flavors. When one of my children was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (a severe autoimmune reaction to gluten) at a young age we thought we would have to give up enjoying our favorite fall treats together but instead we have turned it into a mission to find the best gluten free recipes to make all kinds of tasty fall treats together. My kids' favorites that we make every year now include gluten free pumpkin donuts and homemade crockpot applesauce that makes your house smell fantastic with all of the fall flavors as it cooks all day!
Michelle Booth, founder and CEO of Make Momentos
I look forward to the holiday season all year long, and for me the magic starts in the fall. My favorite tradition is carving a pumpkin, then lighting a candle, setting it inside and turning the lights off. With our not-so-spooky pumpkin glowing, we spend the next 25 minutes watching Lucy Van Pelt bob for apples and the Peanuts gang go trick-or-treating (poor Charlie Brown always gets those rocks) while sweet Linus, with his trademark blue blanket, anxiously awaits the Great Pumpkin.
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We’d love for you to share your favorite fall traditions. Drop them in the comments below!

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