Encouraging Connection: Resources for Grandparents

Encouraging Connection: Resources for Grandparents

Although families today lead busy lives, they still understand the importance of intergenerational connections. Grandparents in particular are often looking for creative ways to bond with grandchildren whether they live across town or across the globe. 

The good news is that there are many great resources out there for grandparents, whether you're looking to maintain close relationships across generations and distance or build camaraderie and share experiences with other grandparents. We're highlighting a few of our favorites today.

Blogs and Websites are a great source of grandparenting information. There are countless to choose from, but here are a few we love to get you started. 

  • More than Grand is a great resource for new grandparents. The website includes a downloadable guide called “New Grandparent Essentials,” and their blog touches on a range of topics including things like the dangers of social media, how to help new parents from a distance and so much more.
  • The Gigi Connection blog is written by five women with decades of friendship between them who aim to empower and encourage others through the grandparenting journey. 
  • Grandparenting A to Z focuses on intentional grandparenting, and the website includes great resources with information on their digital courses and monthly e-newsletter.

For grandparents looking to find a community to bond with other grandparents and share ideas, we recommend these two groups.

  • GaGa Sisterhood is a national membership organization where grandmothers can meet other grandmothers, hear from speakers on relevant topics and share in the joy of being a grandparent together. 
  • Are you a long-distance grandparent? The The Long Distance Grandparent Society was created to help people like you create meaningful connections with each other and memorable connections with grandchildren - no matter the distance. 

Podcasts are a great option for grandparents on the go. They offer insightful guidance and feature informative guest speakers that discuss issues, questions and topics common to today's grandparents. 

  • On the Go-To Grandma podcast, host Kathy Buckworth talks with a wide variety of experts covering everything today’s grandparents want to hear about. 
  • The Adventures with Grammy podcast hosted by Carolyn Berry is for grandparents who are on-the-go with their grandchildren and for parents who want their children to enjoy loving relationships across the generations. 
  • We can’t forget grandfathers - The Cool-Grandpa podcast hosted by Greg Payne is a great resource for new and seasoned grandpas. Greg’s goal is to gather real-life experiences from other grandpas and share their wisdom.

For grandparents looking to take their bonding time with their grandchildren to the next level, Playdatebox will not disappoint. The company offers themed ideas and curated boxes for spending time with your child or grandchild. Playdateboxes are also designed in a way that they can be enjoyed together remotely for families that don’t live nearby. 

Looking to get some grandparenting inspiration in your social media feed? These accounts are full of fun tips and ideas about spending time with grandkids: @thegiddygrandma, @grandparent_superpowers and @grandparentslink.

From bloggers to podcasters, the common goal of these resources is enhancing the grandparent/grandchild relationship and finding an encouraging community to navigate the grandparenting journey together. 

What have you found helpful in maintaining strong intergenerational relationships in your family?

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