Don't Let Distance Dampen Birthday Fun: Creative Ideas for Celebrating Across the Miles

Don't Let Distance Dampen Birthday Fun: Creative Ideas for Celebrating Across the Miles

Birthdays are a big deal when youre a child! There is something so exciting about turning a whole year older, getting to pick a birthday theme based on your current interests and looking forward to celebrating with your favorite people.

Did you know that besides being fun, celebrating a child’s birthday has social and emotional benefits for children? Being celebrated on their birthday helps builds self-confidence, creates memories that will last a lifetime and helps children mark and better understand the passage of time. Celebrating their special day with loved ones also strengthens connection and develops relationships with both their peers and family members from other generations.

But what if being together in person isnt possible due to long distance? Don’t fret! We’ve pulled together some great ideas for celebrating the birthday child in your life and making them feel special even when you can’t be together in person.


1. Get creative with a virtual party.

We all got a little tired of using Zoom, FaceTime and Google Meet for virtual gatherings during the pandemic, but they are still a great resource for celebrating together from afar. However, with a little creativity you can make your virtual party feel new and exciting.

Do you both have the same chain donut shop nearby? Try getting the exact same order and enjoying it together virtually. Kids will get a kick out of knowing you are eating the same thing they are at the same time even though you’re miles apart.

Do you have a family recipe or favorite dish that everyone loves? Take some time to prepare before the virtual party. Gather the ingredients in advance and make your treat together. 

2. Play online games together.

Do you have a tween in your life that loves to play online games? Watch a tutorial on Minecraft, Roblox or other online game they love. Then play together virtually. The birthday child will feel so special because you took extra time to learn about their interest.

If the child isn’t interested in gaming, try a birthday themed virtual scavenger hunt where you both search around your house for items as fast as you can.

3. Surprise them with a custom care package.

A custom care package doesn’t have to be expensive. Box up small samples of all of their favorite things. Anything from their favorite snacks, candy, small toys or coloring books and stickers with their favorite cartoon characters work well.

If youre shopping for have a teen or tween, pick up small samples of their favorite beauty products and small gift cards for local coffee shops and eateries or online gaming platforms.

You can also surprise them by ordering delivery of their favorite meal or dessert and having it show up on their doorstep just as they are getting home from school. What a fun surprise to have a fun after school snack you weren’t expecting!

4. Remind them of sweet memories with a photo album.

Even if you can’t be together this birthday, you can pull together photos from previous fun times you have had together. Create a scrapbook or photo album and mail it to them. You can include tickets to a movie or local experience that you can use together the next time you’re together in person to give them something to look forward to.

5. Record yourself singing or reading.

Kids will get a kick out of hearing a recording of their loved one singing happy birthday to them. If you’re really feeling brave, try adding in some dance moves and sending them a video.

For younger kids, record yourself reading one of their favorite books or a book about birthdays and send it to them.

Check out Make Momentos to use your own voice to create a one-of-a-kind message for the birthday child. Whether you send a personalized e-book or e-card, they’re able to enjoy your gift long after they blow out those birthday candles.


Whatever way you choose to celebrate the birthday child in your life, know that you are making a big difference in their life by making them feel loved and appreciated and creating memories that will last forever.

How has your family celebrated birthdays together long-distance?

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