Benefits of Tech for Kids: One Mom’s Perspective

Benefits of Tech for Kids: One Mom’s Perspective

As a mom to a teen and two tweens, technology has been a part of my children’s lives through all of their early years in a way that is far different from previous generations. There is no denying the challenging aspects of raising kids in an environment where technology grows by leaps and bounds by the minute. Navigating the ups and downs of setting parental controls on apps and devices, evaluating media they have access to, to make sure it is safe and age-appropriate and hashing out appropriate screen time limits – are not for the faint of heart!

However, when I look back over their younger years, I can also see many examples of how access to all of this technology has personally enriched my children’s lives.

Connecting with long-distance family and friends

From those first baby steps to performing in the school play, family that may not live close by can still be a part of those special moments captured through cell phone videos and photos, instantaneously at their fingertips. Through the pandemic lockdowns, we all became more familiar with things like FaceTime and Zoom for celebrations and conversations we couldn’t have face-to-face.

Now that my teen has a phone herself, she’s so used to communicating with grandparents who live in another town digitally, that she sends them updates about her accomplishments and interests they share. She’s fostering a close relationship with them that she may not otherwise have if that technology wasn’t so accessible and familiar to both parties.

Enhancing learning

It’s been a very long time since many parents and grandparents have been in a math class, so helping out with math homework can be its own unique type of challenge. Not to mention that ways of teaching math have drastically changed over the years. As I’ve helped three children with nightly math homework from basic addition all the way up to Algebra, I’ve come to rely on digital videos and lessons available on nearly every math concept you could think of to both serve as a refresher for me and to present the material to my children in a way that they may connect with more than how their teacher explained it in class.

I homeschooled my youngest child for kindergarten and one of our biggest accomplishments that year was her learning to read. We read tons of books together and worked through practice workbooks, but without teaching experience myself, I absolutely relied on the technology out there to supplement her learning. We used YouTube videos on specific topics I wasn’t quite sure how to explain, children’s literacy apps and online games to practice early reading skills in a fun way when she needed a break from working with mom.

Access to enrichment opportunities not available locally

My kids are active in a number of sports and extracurriculars in person, but occasionally we have used technology to participate in something virtually that wasn’t available in our local area.

One of my kids is on a special medical diet and doesn’t have any friends locally who share her struggles. Through technology, she’s been able connect with other kids like her across the country. They do group virtual cooking classes together specific to their special diet. Online music or art lessons might open the door for a child to learn an instrument or skill that no one in their local area teaches.

Fostering a sense of independence

Starting in upper elementary school, I noticed a shift in school-related technology expectations. My kids were responsible for tracking their grades and school deadlines through the school’s app and portal. This has been a great way for them to have supervised practice on very grown-up skills that will help them throughout their life.

Around this same age, they also began communicating with teachers themselves through school email. As a parent, this provided a great opportunity for me to work with them on email etiquette and provide guidance on their initial attempts, giving them more and more freedom as they showed they were ready.   

Preparation for a tech-focused world

Whether we like it or not, today’s generation of kids is growing up in a world where technology touches nearly aspect of day-to-day life from how they pay for things and how they turn in school assignments to how they access their textbooks. Practicing using technology in age-appropriate ways as they grow up increases their technological literacy and confidence.


While it can be challenging to ensure our children use technology in a way that is safe and healthy for everyone, it’s worth the effort when we consider the benefits technology has brought into their lives. By incorporating age-appropriate technology into their lives, we are helping prepare them for their future in a world where technical literacy is required, far beyond what was expected of their parents and previous generations.  

What healthy and rewarding ways does your family use technology? What limits and safety practices does your family put in place to find balance? Let us know in the comments!

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