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Lynnae Allred

Spiderwebs & Spider Silk

Spiderwebs & Spider Silk

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This book isn’t about spiders!

It’s about something equally as fascinating, but a little less frightening: i
t's about spiderwebs!
When you take a closer look, you’ll learn that:
  • scientists have worked for years and spent millions of dollars trying to reproduce the thin, flexible fiber that a spider can simply pull out of its abdomen.
  • spiders build webs in shapes you’ve never seen before.
  • spiders have evolved to use their silk in all sorts of devious, delightful, creepy, and captivating ways.
Once you know how wondrous spider silk is, you’ll almost certainly develop a new respect for the little arachnids who create it. This is STEAM learning at its best! Discover how spiders have used their own skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and math to become some of the most fearsome hunters on the planet, and one of Earth’s most successful species.

Filled with colorful photographs and little-known facts, 
Spiderwebs and Spider Silk is written for children but will fascinate adults as well. The author has included website access to enrichment activities you can use as part of your school or homeschool curriculum. If you are a grownup (especially a grandparent or parent), you can use the book and website activities to help you connect with a child you love. Take a closer look at spider webs and open your eyes to the wonders of the world all around you!
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